We had a quick pitstop in our homebase Helsinki on a way from Tampere to Salo.

We came home to archive some of our books, to change our summer clothing to a winter gear, to apply for Russian visas, to get my camera repaired and so on.

Being busy and having only few hours in Helsinki we needed to fit some dining in our schedules too.

No time for fine dining (no money either) we were looking for something fast, simple and relaxed.

We decided to grab something from one of our fave places and we once again chose Gastropub Stone’s, which is serving homemade gourmet burgers.

We didn’t literally grab the burgers as to take away on a run, but to eat there and also to take care of some of our business meanwhile waiting for our food, as they do have a free wifi.

I actually do dislike taking out any device in a restaurant, but were so much on a run, – like both an insurance company and a visa office closing in a half an hour-, that it was a have-to-do situation.

Working in a nomad cafe is a different story, but this is the place to relax, enjoy your meal and have a chat with your friends.

Stone’s is a part of the big S chain, but don’t let that fear you; they have the best burgers in town (note: this is my opinion), and their waiters/waitresses are super friendly!

Also the prices are reasonable.

– Burgers cost around 16€ which is not bad for a gourmet burger being in Finland anyway.

– A La Tanja

(This post is not sponsored, it is just a local advice for people looking for a nice dining place in Helsinki)