As we are now visiting our native Finland to sell our stuff to become full-time digital nomads, we are trying to find time to visit our fave places in our home cities Tampere and Helsinki.

I was born and raised in Tampere, so I really know this relaxed and beautiful city as my own pockets. So, I am pretty sure you would enjoy the places I will recommend to visit.

The microbrewery beers are a big thing in Finland at the moment and you will find plenty of them in Gastropub Tuulensuu. But if you prefer wine, you will find many choices of those also.

If you thought that pub food is something like onion rings, you should try this place with Belgian cuisine. My favorite is lamb meatballs with goat cheese potatoes, but you can find here interesting things from frog legs to rabbit.

And of course the service is perfect, these guys have a great sense of humour, and they might be testing you with their laconic phrases.

Make sure to get here early on weekends, there are many people who love to queue here!

Welcome to my living room!
Check here for more information: (This is not sponsored, I am really fond of this place!)