Having a longish layover at Singapore Changi airport?

Well chosen! Changi (IATA code SIN) is one of the best hubs to transit between Europe and South East Asia or Australia.

Visit the city

If your layover is from 5.5 to 24 hours you are welcome to join a city tour for free.
All you need to do is to walk to a registration booth either at terminal 2 or 3 transit areas
(Do not leave the transit area or step outside!)

But there is a catch: You must present your passport and a boarding pass at the tour desk!
But if you are transiting from one airline to another, you might not be able to collect your boarding pass until a few hours towards your scheduled flight and that is exactly what happened to us.
So we still haven’t visited the city and the mini-state of Singapore.

We started our current 6-month trip by testing a new Qatar airways route from our homebase Helsinki, Finland to Doha, Qatar at the end of October 2016 and continued to Singapore with the same operator.
We had a 16-hour layover in SIN before hopping on a Jetstar flight to Denpasar, Bali. We had chosen the long layover being excited about finally really visiting Singapore, not only passing through the airport.
But Jetstar check-in can only be made three hours towards the departure.
What a disappointment! No way to go round these rules (yes we did try, asking both the Jetstar staff and tour booth).

Activities and rest at the airport

But no worries! Singapore airport has plenty of things to do. There are lot of different lounges to choose from. We tested Plaza Premium lounge at terminal 1 and truly speaking it wasn’t exactly one of the best lounges I have visited, but OK to have a snack and relax for a while.
If you don’t have a priority pass to access the lounge areas or feel more like just grabbing a coffee and a pastry, you can always choose from many of the restaurants and cafés in common areas.

Plaza Premium lounge at SIN T1
Plaza Premium lounge Singapore Changi
File 27.4.2017 11.27.29-2
Plaza Premium lounge Singapore Changi

After the lunch you can stretch your legs in one of the garden areas.
Try Cactus Garden or Water Lily Garden at terminal 1, Orchid or Enchanted Garden at T2 or visit the first ever airport Butterfly garden (with more than 1000 butterflies!) at T3.
If nature isn’t your thing you can choose to swim at rooftop pool (for around 12 euros) or go into a movie theatre. Choices are endless!

File 27.4.2017 11.26.08
Singapore Changi Snooze lounge

And when you get tired they even have free snooze lounges provided.
No wonder Changi has been voted to be the best airport to sleep at.

Our 16 hours flew so fast that I almost felt sorry to leave so soon!

(Á La Tanja)

File 27.4.2017 11.28.59-2
This was the closest we got to see the city of Singapore