I fly too much, I am a wanderlust/can’t stand still/my feet are burning -type of person, but controversially I love moving slowly, with my own two feet, by unbeaten paths, by roads, especially railroads, and yes, also sailing.

I am a globetrotting photographer constantly on the move.
I travel for work and fun.

When I take off from my home base of Helsinki, Finland, I might know the next destination I’ll be landing into, but where I’ll end up to, that I do not know,
the adventures I’ll meet,
often times not even the final destination.

Where on Earth am I and how (the heck) did I get here are my frequent wonders in life.

But I will tell you how did I get there, maybe making your path a bit smoother.

After all, not all those who wander are lost.

Ready for take off?

(Á La Tanja)

(Edited 9.10.2017)