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Ferry Listvyanka – Port Baikal (and back)

It is often times relatively hard to find reliable information about bus, ferry or train schedules in Siberia. Search through a few websites and they all give you different departure times. Even Russian railways official site isn’t always trustworthy.

Schedules keep constantly changing, so I give you just an idea for your planning: Continue reading “Ferry Listvyanka – Port Baikal (and back)”

Helsinki/A local’s tip for chilling out/Apéro

Head to the bar, tell your friends on Facebook where you are and ask for a sparkling wine. – By checking in to this bar in FB you get a discount priced sparkling wine for a starter. Of course you can choose some nice wine or a beer from the regular menu too.

Then choose your table and enjoy your drink listening quietly playing music. Quite often it is Edith Piaf. – This is a French bar anyway. Continue reading “Helsinki/A local’s tip for chilling out/Apéro”

Helsinki/A local’s tip for burgers/Gastropub Stone’s

We had a quick pitstop in our homebase Helsinki on a way from Tampere to Salo.

We came home to archive some of our books, to change our summer clothing to a winter gear, to apply for Russian visas, to get my camera repaired and so on.

Being busy and having only few hours in Helsinki we needed to fit some dining in our schedules too.

No time for fine dining (no money either) we were looking for something fast, simple and relaxed. Continue reading “Helsinki/A local’s tip for burgers/Gastropub Stone’s”

Rasberryfields forever

Serbia is the biggest producer of raspberries after Poland. I have always been a big fan of raspberries. My grandpa was cultivating them in Finland in his own garden (only for the family to consume), when I was a child. I haven’t found any as delicious as his were, until trying the ones I bought here in Belgrade.

If you visit Serbia in the summer, you should really taste them out!

Tampere/the local advice for wining and dining/Gastropub Tuulensuu

As we are now visiting our native Finland to sell our stuff to become full-time digital nomads, we are trying to find time to visit our fave places in our home cities Tampere and Helsinki.

I was born and raised in Tampere, so I really know this relaxed and beautiful city as my own pockets. So, I am pretty sure you would enjoy the places I will recommend to visit.

Continue reading “Tampere/the local advice for wining and dining/Gastropub Tuulensuu”

Pour Singapour

Having a longish layover at Singapore Changi airport?

Well chosen! Changi (IATA code SIN) is one of the best hubs to transit between Europe and South East Asia or Australia.

Continue reading “Pour Singapour”

Reunion in Malaga


One of the reasons I do love Málaga is it’s people.
A month ago we had a problem with our no-show landlady, ran out of phone battery and didn’t have any cash.

Continue reading “Reunion in Malaga”

Welcome aboard

I fly too much, I am a wanderlust/can’t stand still/my feet are burning -type of person, but controversially I love moving slowly, with my own two feet, by unbeaten paths, by roads, especially railroads, and yes, also sailing.

I am a globetrotting photographer constantly on the move.
I travel for work and fun.

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