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Rasberryfields forever

Serbia is the biggest producer of raspberries after Poland. I have always been a big fan of raspberries. My grandpa was cultivating them in Finland in his own garden (only for the family to consume), when I was a child. I haven’t found any as delicious as his were, until trying the ones I bought here in Belgrade.

If you visit Serbia in the summer, you should really taste them out!

Tampere/the local advice for wining and dining/Gastropub Tuulensuu

As we are now visiting our native Finland to sell our stuff to become full-time digital nomads, we are trying to find time to visit our fave places in our home cities Tampere and Helsinki.

I was born and raised in Tampere, so I really know this relaxed and beautiful city as my own pockets. So, I am pretty sure you would enjoy the places I will recommend to visit.

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Pour Singapour

Having a longish layover at Singapore Changi airport?

Well chosen! Changi (IATA code SIN) is one of the best hubs to transit between Europe and South East Asia or Australia.

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Reunion in Malaga


One of the reasons I do love Málaga is it’s people.
A month ago we had a problem with our no-show landlady, ran out of phone battery and didn’t have any cash.

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Welcome aboard

I am a globetrotting photographer constantly on the move.
I travel for work and fun.

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Balkan by bus / Skopje – Sofia

Bus schedules from Skopje to Sofia in July 2016


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